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Named after the mythical god of love and passion, Eros is a rose bouquet with a powerful two-tone petal composition. We get this extraordinary blend of colors from powerful artisan techniques, which we always use to create such beauty. Jet black rose petals encircle a deep, hot pink center, creating bold color contrast that looks amazing as a single-variety bouquet or in larger creative displays. A must-have for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, proposals, and other romantic occasions. This bouquet stands out for its unusualness and magic at any of these events. Contrasting hot pink roses show their symbolism of romanticism, love, and affection. Thus, this Eros rose bouquet can also become an unforgettable gift for your significant other. Holding such roses in your hands, the atmosphere around seems fabulous and mysterious. After all, the unusual coloring of the petals with black shade gives the feeling of something new and unique. So, why not create a fairy tale with the help of such flowers?


Black and Hot Pink Roses Bouquet for Romantic Occasion

Eros rose bouquet can be a creative and striking choice for a romantic occasion. Hot pink is often associated with love, romance, and femininity. And at the same time, black roses symbolize mystery, sophistication, and elegance. When combined, these shades create a stunning bouquet that expresses deep feelings of admiration. So, this bouquet can be given as a gift for the following events:

On this day, everyone wants to tell their significant other how much they love them. And it is in this version that roses are perfect for this.

Are you a couple celebrating an anniversary? Give your loved one such a bouquet to convey your passion.

Such colored roses at weddings are something unusual and incredible. Such a bouquet will evoke many emotions in both guests and brides. Thus, for such an event, these roses are an ideal option. But before giving it, consider the preferences of the bride and groom.

Choosing the right bouquet for a romantic occasion can be a crucial decision. And for this decision to be successful, pick the Eros rose bouquet. The exclusivity of it will stun anyone. Rosaholics promise you that.


Colored Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

Have you chosen flowers but don't know how to get them? Rosaholics delivery will come to your aid. We not only make sure that your bouquet reaches you safely and sound. We also care about your choice and help you make it right. So, Rosaholics can help you arrange your hot pink roses best. You only need to clarify all your wishes, and we will fulfill them. And if you want to give your bouquet a personal twist, our florists can make creative packaging, especially for you.

This way, you can always order an Eros rose bouquet on time for any romantic event. With the help of fast delivery, you will impress your loved one with such a surprise. And thanks to our farm cultivation of such black roses, their petals are resilient. So they are not damaged during delivery but keep their incredible natural color and look.


Please note: Colors may vary slightly from the photo as each bouquet is created based on the season.

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