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By joining the Flower Club, you are choosing to receive bouquets regularly according to your selected subscription frequency. Each bouquet will be slightly different and unique, but they will all be similar in style to your favorite blooms (as selected by you). Plus, Flower Club members get a long list of VIP perks: up to 30% OFF, modify delivery date, switch recipient’s address, or pause the service – with no penalty. It’s fun, easy, and there’s no catch, so what’s not to love?

Top 3 Reasons to Join the Flower Club:

  1. SAVE MONEY. With a subscription, members enjoy up to 30% off.
  2. MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE. Fresh flowers in your home – always. You pick your favorite bouquet style, and we send unique, refreshing versions of those gorgeous blooms every few weeks.
  3. SO. MANY. PERKS. If you love Rosaholics, why not join us and get VIP status? That means bonus options on deliveries, like changes to address, date, personalized notes, and more. 

Look at what our Flower Club Members are saying:

“There’s always someone in my family or friend group with a birthday coming up. Having the Flower Club subscription makes it easy for me to be prepared with a gift every time. All I have to do is switch the recipient for the next delivery, and I know fresh flowers are on their way. This is the BEST way to do birthdays, anniversaries, etc!”

“BEST SUBSCRIPTION EVER. Seriously, the flowers are awesome. They always arrive looking so pretty and just perfect. Having crazy gorgeous roses on display makes my living room look like a hotel lobby!”

“After a long day of work, having the scent of fresh flowers in my home gives me a sense of peace that I can’t even begin to describe. Not only do the flowers stay absolutely fresh – even after the next delivery – but they always send slightly different rose varieties that I love. Huge roses = zen in my home.”

Important Notes about the Flower Club:

*Accessories are not available for subscription programs.

*If you want to know more, please refer to our Terms of Use.


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